‘Like brushing my teeth’: how Michiru Aoyama writes, records and releases an album every day

For two years, the Kyoto musician has risen at five, watched football, then made an eight-track album of super-deep ambient music – while fitting in a two-hour walk. And 200,000 fans are listening

When you’re interviewing a musician, it’s considered a good idea to have digested a decent amount of their art. Having said that, Michiru Aoyama, a Ryuichi Sakamoto fan and resident of Kyoto, has released a new album every single day since at least 31 December 2021 – so despite a fortnight of almost non-stop listening, I’ve barely scratched the surface.

I say at least because Aoyama has so many releases that if you scroll down on his Spotify page, the system basically groans and gives up. Today’s album is called Xyo, yesterday’s was Card, the day before that Moriko; they stretch on and on in their hundreds.

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