Shared memories of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System

I was a computer person rather than a console person, but still this survey by goo Ranking into typical stuff regarding the SNES/Super Famicon resonates with me. I’m not sure what the cubes in this photo (Google suggests dice decorated with LEDs) are made of but they look interesting! Ranking result Q: What typical stuff […]

Not in the least missed things from the early days of the personal computer revolution

As the opposite of my recent look at feature phone nostalgia, today we have typical events from the early days of the IT revolution that one cannot imagine today. Dial-up seems such a distant memory, and I moved to ADSL in my first couple of years in Japan, which was a revolution for both my […]

Memories of feature phones that haven’t faded

Although smartphones are far more feature-rich, this survey from goo Ranking took a look at what feature phone memories people felt most nostalgic for. From an internal point of view, feature phones have been completely superceded by Android and iOS-powered phones, but externally, a few local manufacturers are making Android-based flip-phones, which incidentally I think […]

Révision article 9 | Fukuoka : reconnaissance homosexualité | Naissance d’un phoque

La revue de presse du 8 février 2018 abordera les sujets suivants : une future révision de l’article 9 de la Constitution japonaise, le projet d’un système de reconnaissance des couples homosexuels à Fukuoka, la récente naissance d’un…

Ahead of Mario and Pikachu, which character most represents Japan?

goo Ranking posed an interesting question, asking its monitor group to select the characters that best represent Japan. The criteria for selection were not clearly stated, but the main aim seems to have been to find the character that is most popular with the average person on the street. From a foreign perspective, I’d have […]

Marvel’s strongest superhero, according to the Japanese

Not a terribly festive survey from goo Ranking tonight, but I’ve been having to skip seemingly hundreds of surveys into the strongest, cutest, highest body count, best pet character and other rankings based around the fortieth anniversary of Shonen Jump, the biggest weekly manga comic magazine in Japan, so to have a look at Western […]