AirBnb-style rentals: cheapness main attraction

HomeAway, Expedia’s AirBnb-style site, recently published an interesting survey into minpaku, private rentals. The two types of rentals in the survey are first renting a complete dwelling, a flat or a house, and second, the more traditional B’n’B style of renting out a room in someone’s home. In Japan, the term is 民泊, minpaku, and […]

Pineapple pizza popularity poor

@Nifty reported on a survey they conducted into pizza. I’m surprised that in Q5 mayonnaise is not on the list of disliked ingredients; I like a potato pizza, but usually it comes with lots of mayo and corn, and Pizza La in particular seem to drown just about everything they do in mayo. The only […]

What Japanese think of Japan

Macromill Research recently conducted a survey looking at Japan’s image. The old chestnut of the four seasons appears at number two of the favourite things about Japan; at a superficial level it seems such a silly thing as many other countries have four distinct seasons, but Japan marks them much more clearly than certainly the […]

Stuff guys didn’t want to learn about women’s public baths

goo Ranking recently took a look at what turns men off about women’s public baths; for men it was which actually did put them off, for women what they presumed men didn’t really want to know. Actually, I’m surprised that there’s no answer regarding foreigners in some way! Thinking about it, foreigners often complain about […]

Japan’s favourite characters

Today let’s have a ranking from Macromill Research for a change, a look at Japan’s favourite characters. My favourite is number 10, followed by number 8 then 5, I suppose. Number 3 would be much higher-ranked if it wasn’t for the fact that in Japan it is only the Disneyfied version that does the rounds. […]

What aspects of the iPhone Japanese are dissatisfied with

What aspects of the iPhone Japanese are dissatisfied with Getting into the Christmas Spirit by channeling Scrooge and assorted spirits, let’s look at what might be under a few trees, the iPhone, and in particular people’s dissatisfactions with it. One thing I noticed last month when a business contact was taking photos – there was […]