One in four Japanese fancy buying the Nintendo Switch

With the Nintendo Switch now released, this survey is perhaps slightly outdated, but regardless, here is a look at purchase intentions regarding the Nintendo Switch. The 1-2-Switch party game pack looks like fun after a night in the pub, I suppose, and the adverts for the Zelda title look lovely, but who knows how the […]

What tourist information people check before coming to Japan

The Japan information site DiGJAPAN, which runs various lanugage Facebook pages and apps for tourists, recently counted up the number of views on their various Facebook articles, and came up with 2016’s most popular Facebook pages for inbound tourists. The rankings were generated from the number of Likes for their 2,072 articles in various languages […]

Japan’s favourite cat breeds

Today is Japan’s Day of the Cat, as one (rather tortured, it must be admitted) way of reading 22/2 is nya-nya-nya, the Japanese equivalent of meow-meow-meow, so this is a perect excuse for goo Ranking to publish, and for me to translate, Japan’s favourite cat breed. Mine is probably the bog-standard ame-sho, as it’s known […]

AirBnb-style rentals: cheapness main attraction

HomeAway, Expedia’s AirBnb-style site, recently published an interesting survey into minpaku, private rentals. The two types of rentals in the survey are first renting a complete dwelling, a flat or a house, and second, the more traditional B’n’B style of renting out a room in someone’s home. In Japan, the term is 民泊, minpaku, and […]