‘It’s our time to rise up’: youth climate strikes held in 100 countries

School and university students continue Friday protests to call for political action on crisis

From Australia to America, children put down their books on Friday to march for change in the first global climate strike.

The event was embraced in the developing nations of India and Uganda and in the Philippines and Nepal – countries acutely impacted by climate change - as tens of thousands of schoolchildren and students in more than 100 countries went on “strike”, demanding the political elite urgently address what they say is a climate emergency.

Addressing students at today's #SchoolStrike4Climate in Kampala. @GretaThunberg @Fridays4FutureU @GreenCampaignAf #ClimateStrike #FridayForFuture #KeepMamaAfricaGreen pic.twitter.com/ivaW3Q0paD

The children of St James Preparatory in Johannesburg, South Africa, add their voices to the world #FridaysforFuture #ClimateStrike #Greenpeace pic.twitter.com/yK8IlRU7Gp

'Never too small to make a difference'

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