Forget fish-shaped cones – New York’s latest food craze is souffle pancakes

Japanese dessert shop Taiyaki, known for its fish-shaped ice-cream cone, has been inundated with customers curious to try its towering, wobbly pancakes

Tightly sandwiched between an art gallery and a beauty salon sits Taiyaki, an ice-cream shop known for their Instagram-famous taiyaki fish-shaped cone. But on a sunny, winter Sunday, other items were drawing more interest – namely, their souffle pancakes. Despite recent reports of hours-long wait, there was no queue to be found outside of the small ice-cream shop. But inside, it was by no means empty. Customer Julio Guzman commented: “It looks a little crowded so it should be good, right?”

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It's so fluffy!!! (Despicable Me pun). Should we bring this to Toronto, Miami, and Boston? Currently only available at our Manhattan location Fri-Sundays 11-2pm. Special attention is needed for every pancake! #soufflepancake #taiyakinyc

In collaboration with @DisneyLittleMermaid, @DisneyAnimation, and @AlliedNYC, we are so excited to celebrate the iconic film, The Little Mermaid's 30th anniversary. We have teamed up to create a special "The Little Mermaid" taiyaki-themed ice cream cone. These will NOT be for sale, but on Tuesday February 26, 2019, the first 100 patrons at our Chinatown location will receive a free "The Little Mermaid" cone as well as a poster. It is an honor to work with @DisneyLittleMermaid, @DisneyAnimation, and @AlliedNYC for this occasion and we hope to see everyone Tuesday. Thank you as always for your support and love! #taiyakinyc

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