How to save money this Christmas – send your cards via Japan | Brief letters

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Next year I will ask my son to take all my pre-written Christmas cards to Japan with him on his annual visit to his in-laws. Why? Because, if he then posts them back to the UK via airmail, it will cost me 110 yen per card – about 66p. Second class mail in the UK is 68p. I will, therefore, save 2p per card – not a huge saving, perhaps, but the bonus would be that my friend who lives 40 miles north of me will get a card with a Japanese stamp on it. It’s a win-win situation.
Pamela Brice
Torphins, Aberdeenshire

• Amid the hand-wringing regarding a lack of ethnic diversity in Love Actually (Richard Curtis: lack of diversity in Love Actually makes me feel a bit stupid, 30 November), Richard Curtis makes no acknowledgment of the crass sexism that runs as a constant theme throughout the film.
Chris Jones

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