Japan’s Favorite Makeup for a Natural Look ✴ The Secret behind a Minimal Makeup Look with CANMAKE

How to get the No-Makeup Look

 Are you a fan of natural makeup? 
Or maybe you normally wear a full face of makeup but 
there are times doing your makeup is a pain 
so you just slap on a light base. 
No matter what kind of makeup look you like, 
the end goal is all the same.

Normally a lot of Asian beauty products consists of many steps
to get the desired flawless skin.
This time CANMAKE brings two secret weapons for J-beauty fans
to maintain great skin easily without caking on different products.
And you are able to wear it 24/7!
The products we're going to introduce are great for those concerned with
pores but works well against other skin concerns.
Just follow JAPANKURU to see what CANMAKE's secret weapons
are to natural beauty.

Natural, Poreless Skin

 Foundation Base and Powder
Hatching Perfectly Flawless Skin

 Secret Beauty Base (NEW!) 
650yen + tax
 Secret Beauty Powder 
  850yen + tax

☼ ✴  ✴ ☼ ✴  ✴ ☼ ✴  ✴ 

 Secret Beauty Base (NEW!) 
650yen + tax

☼ Daytime: You can use as a base before you apply your makeup. 
A thin layer will brighten your skin tone while the round formula 
inside softs uneven color tone and pores. 
Making it great for days you don't want to wear a lot of makeup 
but still have things to hide.

☽ Night: The base includes 5 moisturizing agents,

 keeping skin dewy & less prone to dryness, 
making it a great night cream! 
Its small lightweight size is great for sleepovers😉

 Just simply squeeze a pea-sized amount on your fingertips.
Then starting from the middle of your face spread outwards.

 Secret Beauty Powder 
 850yen + tax

☼ Daytime: It is not only good to use a light-coverage powder, but the sebum-adsorbing agents also make the powder great for touchups and getting rid of unwanted shine.

☽ Night: At the end of the night, it makes a maintenance type of powder that eliminates the sticky feeling of some skin care products and protects the skin from dirt! Although makeup, this powder is also safe to wear at night while you sleep and does not leave a super heavy, gross feeling.

Just open to compact and pat all over your face
or specific areas you would like to smooth out.

☼ ✴  ✴ ☼ ✴  ✴ ☼ ✴  ✴ 

Perfect Times for Using This No-Makeup Look
    ・Hot days when you don't want to wear thick, heavy foundation.
    ・When you are in a hurry.
    ・Nights when you want to look your best in front of your special someone.

    Wear them together or separate, your skin will look healthier 24/7.

    Check out ur No-Makeup Video Below

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