Japanese Skincare Tips for Sun Protection ■ Things to Do in Okinawa x Tips for Sun Protection from THE GINZA and SHISEIDO

Japanese Skincare Tips for Sun Protection

 Okinawa Hidden Gems  
Places to Go in Okinawa 
Beach Skincare Routine with THE GINZA

 Whether it's summer or winter, J
apan's little island Okinawa is the perfect getaway. 
Okinawa's blue skies and ocean beach along with its unique culture 
makes it also called the Hawaii of Japan! 
Which makes sense why it would be a first choice for many people to travel to.

For many, what is normally the whole concept of going on vacation? 
Pampering and treating yourself! 
While exploring all of Okinawa's great sightseeing spots, 
why not pamper and treat your skin too!? 
This time JAPANKURU will be introducing 3 secret gems of Okinawa 
along with the question of "What kind of skin care products are best to take?"
Japanese skincare brand THE GINZA also prepared a new travel size moisture mist spray that you can bring with you onboard plane. 
From the moment of getting off the plane, our journey begins!🛬🏂 

Things to Do in Okinawa
Tranquil Private Beach Feeling:Mission Beach 
 The Onna Village in Okinawa is full of resorts, 
and one place is tucked away is a white sanded beach named Mission Beach. Apparently, this beach used to be a private beach/summer camp 
site that only opened to Catholics. 
Now it's open for everyone to pay a small fee and enjoy the beach!
Mission Beach maintains the original beach appearance, 
the water is crystal clear, 
and when you see the beachside huts and stands on the shore. 

Since it is one of the hidden gems, 

it isn't swamped with people like other beaches would be in this resort area. 

Mission Beach has something for everyone, 

from sitting on a beach chair relaxing 
to jumping into the water with the local marine life. 
Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the much talked about Mission Beach sunset, but if you go to Mission Beach try to stay there for it! 
It is said to be unforgetable💖

🏖 Mission Beach
Google Maps 
📅Swimming season: April-October
💴300 yen *Admission includes changing room
🚙Parking: 300yen/day
🐩Pets: OK
Rentals: Beach and swimming gear 
Marine activities: Available Price info here (JPN)

BBQ: 2300yen/person, starting from 4people  BBQ info here (JPN) 

Things to Do in Okinawa
Underwater Observatory:Busena Marine Park
 Okinawa has one of the most beautiful coral reefs which is why many people in Okinawa and want to explore the deep waters beneath, 
but they can't swim or something holds them back. 
How can you still see Okinawa's waters? 
We recommend the famous marine park Busena 
located in the Okinawa Kaigan Quasi-National Park. 
Busena has two facilities, 
a glass boat and an underwater observatory tower to let us explore the sea.

 🐡Next, the underwater observatory! 
This is a great alternative in case of bad weather! 
The underwater observatory at Busena Marine Park is particularly special because it is the ONLY underwater observatory tower in Okinawa! 
Just walk down the spiral staircase about 5 meters deep, 
and you'll get a complete underwater landscape in 360 degrees. 
Just look through the circular window panes 
and see what sort of things you can discover!

🐳First, the glass boat. 
This whale shaped underwater boat takes you on a cruise for about 20mins. 
The sea has all sorts of mysterious and breathtaking creatures, 
so the glass bottom and windows around the boat 
allow you to get up close as if you were swimming down there yourself!

🐠Busena Marine Park
Google Maps 
>Glass-bottom boat: departs every 20mins from 9:10
APR~OCT: First boat is 9:10am, last boat is 5:30pm (no boat at 12:30)
NOV~MAR: First boat is 9:10am, last boat is 5pm ("  "  12:30, 4:50pm)
>Underwater Observatory:
APR~OCT: 9:00~6:00pm *Last admission 5:30pm
NOV~MAR: 9:00~5:30pm *Last admission 5:00pm
>Glass-bottom boat: Adult 1,540yen, Student (High school and university, show ID) 1,230yen, Children (4yr~middle school) 770yen
>Underwater Observatory: Adults 1,030yen, Student (High school and university, show ID) 820yen, Children (4yr~middle school) 520 yen
>Combination ticket: Adult 2,060yen, Students 1650yen, Children 1,030 yen
💻Official website (ENG)

Things to Do in Okinawa 
MAGENTA, refers to the color between red and purple. In Okinawa, which always has blue skies and waters, the vivid contrast of MAGENTA n blue is a sight that can't be ignored.
MAGENTA n blue is in the village of Onna, Okinawa and is a beverage shop that sells juice and sparkling water made of fresh fruit and a lot of love! There aren't any tables inside the store, but there are tons of fun decorations and things to take pictures with and check out!📷✨

Google Maps 
⊡ Official IG

Japanese Skincare Brand  

3 oz/ 100 mL   25,000yen(excluding tax)
After a sunburn, it's the most crucial time to feed the skin moisture and 
something soothing because the skin is delicate from the damage 
and lacks water. 
We have found that oil works best because it has a higher concentration. 
You don't even need to use a lot to feel refreshed. 
Just one or two drops is enough for the skin
to make the deepest hydrating repair.

Not only can it be used on the face, 
THE GINZA's HYBRID GEL OIL can also be used as a body massage oil, 
helping you to relax. 
The versatility of bringing a multi-purpose item 
makes a good travel item that won't take extra room.

For more information on the benefits of using the Hybrid Gel Oil 
for a self-massage click here!
*Lymphatic Facial Self-Massage HOW TO included!

Japanese Skincare Brand 

MIST 1 MIST 2, 2 bottle set: 1 oz/ 30 mL   4,500yen
 It's easy for one's skin to dry out or get oily and become exhausted on a plane due to the lack of humidity, making it more crucial to moisturize! 
Specially designed to be used during traveling, 
the new 24h Defense Mist Duo from Shiseido keeps skin hydrated in the air and on-the-go with the moisturizing power of a skincare cream. 

Including two 1oz/30ml bottles for the perfect hydrating routine, 
it locks in moisture without the sticky heavy feeling 
you may get with other high moisturizers. 
Japanese contemporary artist, ShiShi Yamazaki drew up the bottle designs. Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and America have a special country inspired designs, also making them fun collectibles!

Japanese Skincare Brand

Shiseido Perfect UV Protector
1.6 oz/ 50 mL   4,500yen(excluding tax)
 All kinds of conditions in the mountains and sea can change the type of sunblock you need. However, sometimes you need to consider your skin type as well. You don't want anything too oily, sticky, thick, or something that may cause acne...and if it doesn't include anything artificial, that's a bonus! People really should have higher standards in choosing sunscreen products, because they go through your skin into your body!  

SHISEIDO's Perfect UV Protector Sunscreen Lotion 
is not only waterproof and sweat-resistant but has the first 
"pollen barrier component" that can isolate the dust in the air, 
along with black tea extract included providing double protection against UV radiation by absorbing the rays and repairing damage inside the skin. 

Japanese Skincare Brand

Naha International Terminal 
SHISEIDO Naha Airport Store
 In the international terminal of Naha Airport, 
there are SHISEIDO Naha Airport stores, not only THE GINZA, 
but also various brands of SHISEIDO can be purchased such as cle de peau BEAUTESHISEIDOSERGE LUTENS

We're here for THE GINZA and we surprised 
at how many products were for sale.
If you wanted to try THE GINZA but it was a bit out of your budget,
there are samples and gift packs for sale.

The service staff are also expert beauty consultants 

and will explain and recommend suitable products.

There are also English-speaking staff in the store, 
so don't worry about communication obstacles! 

 The "SHISEIDO 24-HR DEFENSE MIST DUO" mentioned above is
a limited item that's only available in duty-free shops. 
There are other tax-free limited combinations and travel-sized cosmetics
at the SHISEIDO shop inside Naha Airport. 
Take a closer look and you may find value-for-money items along with things your body will fall in love with!

 Perfume line created by a multi-talented and famous artist, SERGE LUTENS. Not available in some countries!

Shiseido Naha Airport Shop
◎Location: International Terminal 2F
◎TEL: 098-851-5320
◎Business Hours: 8:30am ~ 8:50pm

Naha Airport Shiseido Shop Info (English)

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