Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory 02 (War!)

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory 02 フルメタル・パニック!Invisible Victory episode 02 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Amalgam initiates a missile attack on the Mithril base on Merida Island, so Tessa has a helicopter launch to be their eyes while everyone gets to safety. Back in Japan, Sousuke has to make a run with it in his stolen car. Despite

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2018 April Kimono Part II

2018-04-22 (Sun) Cats Exhibition @ Gajoen Tokyo
猫都(ニャンと)の国宝展 at 百段階段 ~猫の都の国宝アート~
Light blue cotton hitoe, Hakata hanhaba obi, Navy lace haori

2018-04-21 (Sat) Zemi @ Bunkyo, Afte…

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2018/04/17 ささみとチーズのお好み焼き

2018/04/17 ささみとチーズのお好み焼き 買ったものやまさ おろしぽん酢200 157円片栗粉300g 97円かつおパック 118円サラダチキン 213円 材料:ささみ(コンビニで売ってるそのまま食べれるものでok)キャベツ卵とろけるチーズ 塩片栗粉 オリーブオイルぽん酢かつおぶしポリ袋に細かく切ったささみ、千切りきゃべつ、とろけるチーズをいれて、塩をかける。片栗粉を小さじ2杯いれる卵をそこにいれて、混ぜる  IHクッキングヒー…

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Things to do in Kobe 🐹 Top Japanese Zoo That Let’s You Interact with the Animals 🐺 Kobe Animal Kingdom Review & Info

RED PANDAS!CAPYBARA!WOLVES!SLOTHS!and more exotic animals!Our favorite zoo in Japan Kobe Animal Kingdom 💖The perfect place to learn and share your love with animals💖CAUTION!!*contains cute animal videos and pictures*🐵🐫🐨🐧🐑🐆🐺🐇🐻🐁🐅🐗🐈🐊🐟🐍🐎🐹🐏🐕🐖🐢🐦🐸🐼A…

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Kobe Travel / Kobe Beef 🍖 Where to Eat Kobe Beef in Japan: TOP Teppanyaki Kobe Beef Restaurant in Kobe, Bifteck Kawamura (神戸ビーフビフテキのカワムラ)

🍖 Kobe Travel / Kobe Beef 🍖 Where to Eat Kobe Beef in Japan: TOP Kobe Beef Restaurant in Kobe  Bifteck Kawamura  (神戸ビーフビフテキのカワムラ) What’s the one thing most people want to try when they come to Japan?KOBE BEEF!!&n…

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2018/04/05 ライ麦入り食パンで温サンドイッチ

2018/04/05 ライ麦入り食パンで温サンドイッチを作りました。 材料ハーフベーコン3個pack 149円たまごサラダ 90g セブンイレブン 136円PASCO ライ麦入り食パン 125円税込み価格 あとは冷蔵庫にあったサニーレタス塩、マヨネーズ、トマトケチャップとコレ↓  アイリスオ&#x30fc…5,793円Amazon料理と…

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Kyoto Sightseeing / Kyoto Tour – Kyoto Sightseeing Bus to Arashiyama → Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) → Fushimi Inari-taisha → Kiyomizudera 🚌 Going to Top Kyoto Sightseeing Spots with WOW BUS!

Kyoto Sightseeing / Kyoto Tour Kyoto Sightseeing Bus to Arashiyama → Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) → Fushimi Inari-taisha → Kiyomizudera  Going to Top Kyoto Sightseeing Spots with 🚌WOW BUS!🚌The Most Popular Place to Visit in…

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