Viewster Steps Into The Anime Streaming Service Game

One thing that sparked me to finally tackle yesterday’s anime you can watch legally list was learning about Viewster, a streaming service that I had no idea about. There’s a reason for that. The site started streaming anime in 2013, and this summer they’re finally doing their first simulcasts for the European market. But I … Read more

This Is How You Can Watch Anime Legally in 2014

So, I guess it’s time to update the legal anime list that I did more than a year ago. Since the appearance of the 2013 list, some streaming services have advanced, some have ended, and others…others find a way to get worse. Oh, and new streaming services are here! But whatever the case, they exist … Read more

Stepping Into The World of Sengoku Basara

If you want me to give you an honest introduction on how I even learned about Sengoku Basara, let’s just say it happened a long time ago. Well, maybe 2…3 years ago? Probably exaggerating on that, but anyways, it was an arc of Gintama where the characters were extremely concerned with their character ranking in … Read more

Crunchyroll CEO Kun Gao Did An AMA on Reddit, Here’s The Wrap-Up

Today Crunchyroll CEO Kun Gao did a Reddit Ask Me Anything where, of course, anime fans (and not anime fans) asked questions about his favorite anime, how they license shows, and other stuff we probably already knew about. The problem was as I looked a…

Neomo Actually Compares Sailor Moon to Sailor Moon Crystal

The first time I watched Sailor Moon? It was an English dub on early-morning kids TV back…well…I would have been about 12 or 13 then (1995 probably). Serena and the other Sailor Soldiers had funny voices, and Luna sounded like Angela Lansbury, not to mention the fact that here in the UK, Sailor Moon was … Read more

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Why Do You Like Anime?

“….In my opinion, most of all, anime has that quality you can’t define.  Call it magic.” I adjusted a quote that I got from sports involving my favorite team. Now, I believe if I did a “why do you like manga” post, I’d actually have reasons for why I like manga, though that stems from enjoying … Read more

Justin’s Bizarre Anime Backlog Adventure, Week 9

It’s almost Summer Season isn’t it? That’s not good! Now, the good news is I’ve reached the 20′s, and starting to close out some titles that I’ve had trouble with. The bad news is, hey, Summer Season is almost here!…And gotta start planning for that too. …So expect me to be off from blogging next … Read more

Why Anime Fans Should Consider Participating In The International Anime Research Project

Over the weekend, The International Anime Research Team, led by assistant professor Stephen Reysen at Texas A&M University-Commerce, conducted a survey (as part of the International Anime Research Project) at A-Kon to gain an understanding of the anime fandom and report to find out what they discovered. They also sent me (and others) an email about it, […]

Justin’s Bizarre Anime Backlog Adventure, Week 8

With the Spring Season winding down and knowing I have to hurry and get ready for the Summer, I’m definitely going through titles like mad. Well, somewhat. Anyways, with this increased focus on getting rid of what’s been on my backlog, I have finished 3 more shows. These shows that I finished may shock you, […]

Justin’s Bizarre Anime Backlog Adventure, Week 7

It was only a matter of time. Last month I uncovered a really forgettable title in my backlog that I convinced myself to finish. Today, I found a title that earned redemption. And so far, it’s the real winner in my bizarre backlog so far. ONTO THE ANIME IN QUESTION… (I lie: it’s the last […]