Hanamonogatari Review

Title: Hanamonogatari (Flower Story/Suruga Devil) Genre: Occult, Mystery, Drama Animation Company: SHAFT Director/Scriptwriter: Akiyuki Shinbou/Fuyashi Tou Animation Director: Akio Watanabe/Nobuhiro Sugiyama/Taisuke Iwasaki Character Design: Akio Watanabe Original Music: Satoru Kosaki Now I’m a huge Monogatari fanboy, and I’m just itching for Kizumonogatari (the movie) to come out. So I was expecting a lot from this, … Read more

This Is How You Can Watch Anime Legally in 2014

So, I guess it’s time to update the legal anime list that I did more than a year ago. Since the appearance of the 2013 list, some streaming services have advanced, some have ended, and others…others find a way to get worse. Oh, and new streaming services are here! But whatever the case, they exist … Read more

Summer Anime 2014: List Of Where Anime Will Be Streaming Legally

Here’s a list of the Summer 2014 anime and where they happen to be streaming at, regions the anime are streaming, and days/times they’re streaming. You can expect a lot of updates to this post as the weeks go byand more anime titles get announced for certain companies over here. Just a note: will add a … Read more

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