Pineapple pizza popularity poor

@Nifty reported on a survey they conducted into pizza. I’m surprised that in Q5 mayonnaise is not on the list of disliked ingredients; I like a potato pizza, but usually it comes with lots of mayo and corn, and Pizza La in particular seem to drown just about everything they do in mayo. The only […]

Just one in three have had three or more days away in last five years

This survey conducted by DIMSDRIVE Research for From Planet looked at long holidays, where “long” was defined as three or more nights away from home, excluding returning to one’s parents. It’s pretty sad that anything more than a long weekend is a “long” holiday, but I’m surprised that the number taking more than three nights […]

Old folks and crane games

The Crane Game Association recently released a survey looking at crane games (UFO Catchers). The reason for this release was to advertise their upcoming Crane Gamer Certificate program, and of course to promote crane gaming amongst older folks, especially with Respect for the Aged Day coming up soon. Although I’m not quite in the age […]

Bike life in Japan

As an ex-biker myself, I found this survey from WAKUWAKU and the bike fleamarket app RIDE into the charms of riding most interesting. My first bike was a 100cc two-stroke Japanese something or other until I passed my full licence, then a 400cc Suzuki, a 500cc Yamaha, and a 660cc BMW. Then I got married… […]

One in four LGBT Japanese don’t know what LGBT is

One of the objectives of this survey was to see how awareness of the English abbreviation “LGBT” was spreading through Japan, thus we get the apparently weird result of LGBT not being aware of their label; previously “sexual minority” was a more common label. This survey was from the Japan LGBT Research Institute Inc (A […]

Coffee habits of the Japanese

@nifty recently released a survey looking into coffee. I most often drink convenience store coffee; it’s cheap and fresh and quite, quite drinkable, and with convenience stores near to the office, I quite often take a cup with me to work. I’m quite surprised, however, in Q4 to see that Starbucks over-roasted drip coffee gets […]

Grave concerns in Japan

Excuse the poor pun of a title, but this survey into purchasing and moving graves by the Japan Stone Products Cooperative Association perhaps needed a little bit of levity on this weighty topic. I’ve got my family plot bought (here’s a web site with a newspaper article on it, along with rather incongruous adverts), or […]