Overseas travel and sleep disorder

This survey from DeNA Travel looked at overseas travel and sleep disorders. Note that this survey is about chronic sleep disruption; not just one late night, but a series of poor sleep experiences resulting in a build-up of tiredness. On foreign trips I suffer hopelessly from lack of sleep, caused by probably everything in Q4… […]

Correlation between coffee and cigarettes

This interesting survey from NTTCom Research looked for a correlation between coffee and cigarettes, in particular how visiting coffee shops might increase exposure to second-hand smoke. In Japan, most coffee chains are smoking, with each chain and each store having their own particular degree of separation between smoking and non-smoking areas. Starbucks are 100% non-smoking, […]

Young Japanese women and Instagram

The sweets maker Kanro recently released a survey that looked at Instagram and lifestyle, with young women being the focus. One reason for this survey is to promote a photo competition. Follow either Kanro’s Twitter or Instagram account, take a photo of yourself with a package of Kanro’s Pure Gummi and upload it, tagging it […]

Beware of zombie demons this weekend at Shibuya

Since this weekend is the last before Halloween, lots of people will be dressing up and congregating at places around Japan, this short survey from MAKEY, a smartphone app that teaches make-up techniques, into Halloween costumes looked at what middle and high school girls and university students would like to dress up as. Here’s what […]