Camembert is Japan’s favourte cheese

According to this survey from Katte2Q, there’s a lot of cheese fans in Japan, and a worryingly large number of fans of cheese-flavoured plastic. I remember the first time that I ate Japanese processed cheese squares; after grilling it was difficult to tell whether or not I had remembered to remove the wrapper… By the […]

One in four Japanese love natto

Natto is many a foreigners’ nemesis, but this survey from @nifty into natto and tofu found that many Japanese too find rotton beans foul. I’ve tried a few times to eat it, but I just can’t cope with the smell; fortunately my wife too hates the stuff! Tofu on the other hand is wonderful! If […]

Rice or naan?

Thinking about it, I haven’t been to an Indian for ages, and I’m getting all hungry translating this survey into naan awareness. I’m naan all the way, especially as in Japan long-grain rice is a bit of a rarity, and Japanese native short-grain rice does not go well at all with Indian curry. Japan’s native […]

Bicycle riding in Japan

Katte2Q took a short look at bicycle riding. I used to ride a bike when I very first came to Japan, riding to work perhaps two or three times a week or so, and occasionally going further afield, but then I moved out too far from work, but too close to the station to need […]

One in four Japanese is totally lacking in wisdom… teeth

This short but interesting survey by Katte2Q into dentists and teeth revealed a few interesting numbers regarding Japanese teeth. The Japanese for wisdom teeth is 親知らず, oyashirazu, or literally “without parents’ knowing”, which might suggest to the casual reader that it has something to do with one’s parents not noticing their adult child’s back teeth […]