Correlation between coffee and cigarettes

This interesting survey from NTTCom Research looked for a correlation between coffee and cigarettes, in particular how visiting coffee shops might increase exposure to second-hand smoke. In Japan, most coffee chains are smoking, with each chain and each store having their own particular degree of separation between smoking and non-smoking areas. Starbucks are 100% non-smoking, […]

Stuff we all used to experience with CRT televisions

goo Ranking seems to be on a nostalgia trip recently, with tonight’s looking at things from the CRT television age that people can empathise with. The survey consists of people under the age of 39, so I’m not convinved they would have experienced black and white. I’m also not sure what the distinctive sound when […]

Young Japanese women and Instagram

The sweets maker Kanro recently released a survey that looked at Instagram and lifestyle, with young women being the focus. One reason for this survey is to promote a photo competition. Follow either Kanro’s Twitter or Instagram account, take a photo of yourself with a package of Kanro’s Pure Gummi and upload it, tagging it […]

Election views

The election may be over, but this survey from @nifty took a look at views regarding this election and elections in general. Sound trucks here are usually actually cars or just light trucks that drive around both town centres and residential areas blasting out usually nothing more than the candidate’s name and maybe their age; […]