Japanese and physical newspaper consumption

Unlike many other countries, Japan’s physical newspaper market is generally healthy, as far as I am aware, and this survey from @nifty into newspapers appears to back up my opinions. Note that some of the figures have one decimal place and some have none; this is because some figures were published to one decimal place, […]

No smoking law; public says not just for Olympics, not just for Tokyo

With Tokyo Olympics coming up, one of the hot topics is that the International Olympic Committee and the WHO have agreed that they should promote a smoke-free Olympics, in order to protect against second-hand smoke, but with Japan being a bit of a smokers’ paradise and with the government owning a third of Japan Tobacco, […]

Worries about Buddhist services

A bit of a curious topic here, a look at worries about Buddhist services, conducted by the graveyard intermediary service, Ohaka no Hikkoshi or Graveyard Moving Service, as one of their services includes moving interred ashes from one location to another. Having just recently used Buddhist funeral and grave services, fortunately my denomination has a […]

Japan’s most interesting university names

goo Ranking recently looked at actual Japan university names that people find most curious. I’ve reported the official English name, but also added in italics short explanations if needed as to why things might have been lost in translation. The “Gakuin” that appears in many names is the Japanese for “Institute”, but for whatever reason […]