Rencontre Moon – Abe | Reprise de la circulation à Fukui | Uniforme Armani

Ce vendredi 9 février, nous allons aborder les sujets suivants dans notre revue de presse : la rencontre entre Moon et Abe, la reprise de la circulation à Fukui, l’uniforme Armani qui fait scandale et des moines jazzmen. Rencontre entre le premie…

Démantèlement de plusieurs réacteurs nucléaires

La Commission de réglementation de l’énergie nucléaire a approuvé mardi le démantèlement de cinq réacteurs vieillissants dans quatre centrales nucléaires ; une première depuis les réglementations mises en place en 2011, interdisant l’exploitation de réacteurs de plus de 40 ans. Le démantèlement concernerait les réacteurs n° 1 et 2 de la centrale Mihama de l’exploitant Kansai Electric Power dans la préfecture […]

Hotel Sekumiya Obama

Hotel Sekumiya in Obama is a three-star hotel close to JR Obama Station and the local beach on the Sea of Japan coast.

Hotel Sekumiya Obama Fukui Japan.

The 70-room hotel has a choice of Western-style rooms with beds or traditional, Japanese-style lodging with tatami mats and futons.

All rooms include a flat screen TV and free WiFi. Japanese-style breakfasts and dinner are served in the hotel restaurant and feature crab in season, a specialty of this area of Japan.
Nearby attractions include Myotsu-ji Temple and Uriwarinotaki Falls.

Check out the cardboard cutout of President Obama in the lobby. Obama city made great play out of their shared name with the soon to be ex-President Barack Obama.

Hotel Sekumiya Obama Fukui Japan.

Hotel Sekumiya
Obamashirahige 113
Fukui 917-0069
Tel: 0770 52 0020

Hotel Sekumiya Obama Fukui Japan.


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La Kansai Electric Company reçoit une autorisation de relance pour deux réacteurs nucléaires

L’autorité de régulation nucléaire (NRA) a autorisé le 12 février le redémarrage du réacteur n°3 et 4 de la centrale nucléaire de Takahama dans la préfecture de Fukui, soutenant ainsi l’initiative du gouvernement japonais pour une réutilisation plus sûre du nucléaire.   Après la triple catastrophe de Fukushima en mars 2011, la totalité des 48 réacteurs…

Echizen Railway


The Echizen Railway in Fukui has two lines: the Katsuyama-Eiheiji Line (color code orange) and the Mikuni-Awara Line (blue).

Echizen Railway train at Fukui Station

The Katsuyama-Eiheiji Line runs from Echizen Railway Fukui Station, just outside the East Exit of Fukui Station to the terminus at Katsuyama, where there are buses to the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum.

Although the bus service to Eiheiji Temple is more direct you can change at Eiheiji-guchi and transfer to a bus to visit the famous Zen temple.

Katsuyama Station has been restored to its former glories and the pretty, timber-framed building now hosts a cafe looking out on to the platform.

Echizen Railway Fukui Station

The Mikuni-Awara Line runs 28km from Echizen Railway Fukui Station to Mikuni-Minato Station in Sakai. The inbound services to Fukui Station are timed to connect with Hokuriku Express trains from JR Fukui Station.

Echizen Railway Katsuyama Station Fukui Japan

The Echizen Railway is something of a step back in time and should be a treat for fans of Japanese railways. Each train has a (male) driver and (female) attendant (pictured above) in a division of the sexes fairly typical of Japanese society as a whole.

Echizen Railway Katsuyama Station Fukui

The Echizen Railway Mikuni-Awara Line connects with the Fukubu tram line at Tawaramachi Station.

Echizen Railway
Click to enlarge

The Echizen Railway was previously operated by Kyoto-based Keifuku Electric Railway until ownership was transferred to Echizen Railway after a couple of accidents on the line in 2001.

Echizen Railway


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Nagoya to Fukui By Highway Bus


The quickest way to get from Nagoya to Fukui is by train. However, though an hour longer in travel time, the highway bus from Nagoya Station is cheaper especially if you buy a fixed return ticket, though it is usually no problem to change the time of your departure at Fukui Station.

Nagoya to Fukui By Highway Bus, Nagoya Station

The highway bus to Fukui leaves from the Taikoguchi Shinkansen exit of Nagoya Station and arrives at the East Exit of Fukui Station. There are various stops on the route including at a highway service station and in Tsuruga and Sabae on the way to Fukui on the Hokuriku Expressway around the eastern side of Lake Biwa.

Taikoguchi Exit Nagoya Highway Bus Ticket Office

Journey time is 3 hours. A single ticket is 3,000 yen with a fixed return 5, 140 yen. By train from Nagoya the quickest journey time without changing is by Shirasagi Limited Express train taking 2 hours, 11 minutes and costing 5,700 yen for a single. Another route is to take a Hikari Shinkansen to Maibara from Nagoya Station and then change to the Shirasagi. Journey time is only 99 minutes and the fare is 6,120 yen.

Nagoya-Fukui Highway Bus at Fukui Station

The highway bus at the Taikoguchi exit of Nagoya Station leaves from stop number 2 where buses depart for Fukui and Kanazawa and less frequently to Kofu and Toyama. Departure times for Fukui are 7.10am, 8.30am, 10am, 11.10am, 1.10pm, 3.10pm, 5.10pm and 7.10pm.

Return buses to Nagoya depart Fukui Station at 7am, 8am, 10.30am, 12.50pm, 2.30pm, 4.30pm, 6pm and 7pm.


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Asuwa Shrine


Asuwa Shrine on Asuwayama (Mt. Asuwa) in Fukui is said to be 1500 years old. Asuwa enshrines the mythical 6th century Emperor Keitai, who was supposedly born in Fukui.

Asuwa Shrine, Fukui

Asuwa Shrine is mentioned in both the Nihonshoki and Kojiki chronicles and is known for its ancient weeping cherry tree said to be at least 370 years old. During the cherry blossom season the tree is illuminated at night.

The actual buildings, however, date from 1959, as the shrine has been destroyed several times over its history by fire, war and earthquake.

Asuwa Shrine 370 year old cherry tree, Fukui

Asuwa Shrine attractions supplicants to pray for safe child-birth and success in examinations and business.

To get to the shrine from Fukui Station the quickest way is to walk over Sakurabashi and ascend the Atagozaka steps – 145 Shakudani stone steps – to the shrine. Alternatively take a tram to Koen-guchi Station or take the West Route Smile Bus to the Atagozaka stop.

Asuwa Shrine (in Japanese & English)
1-8-25 Asuwa Uemachi 108
Fukui 918-8007
Tel: 0776 36 0287

Asuwa Shrine


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Toyoko Inn Fukui Ekimae


The Toyoko Inn Fukui Ekimae is part of the nationwide Toyoko Inn chain of business hotels. Situated right at the West Exit of Fukui Station, the Toyoko Inn Fukui Ekimae is super convenient for getting around Fukui and for getting out to visit Eiheiji Temple and the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum.

Toyoko Inn Fukui Ekimae

Rooms are on the cramped side but there is free Wifi, though not always the most efficient, and complimentary breakfast – rice balls, miso soup, vegetables, tea and juice.

While I was staying there was also free curry rice every night between 6pm-7pm if you could face the same dinner every evening.

Toyoko Inn Fukui Ekimae

The staff were very friendly and facilities include newspapers (English ones too) and computers in the lobby, a laundry room and car parking.

The area around Fukui Station has a number of hotels including the Route Inn Fukui Ekimae right next door, the Hotel Econo Fukui Ekimae and the Terminal Hotel Fukui. All offer fairly similar facilities and are similarly priced.

Toyoko Inn Fukui Ekimae
2-1-1, Ote Fukui-city
Fukui 910-0005
Tel: 0776 29 1045

Toyoko Inn Fukui Ekimae


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